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This specialty deals with the correction of tooth position abnormalities, restoring the occlusion and guiding the eruption of the teeth with the help of braces. Both young people and adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment. Age is a factor that accelerates the achievement of the final result, so it would be advisable for the patient to report to the orthodontist as soon as possible.

We need orthodontic advice in the following situations:

– Presence of a dental disharmony (crowding or abnormal position of the teeth)

– Delayed eruption

– Delayed loss of baby teeth

– Abnormal tooth contact

– Interdental spaces

– Supernumerary teeth

– Missing teeth according to normal eruption age

– Difficulty chewing

– Pain in the ATM

– Jaws disproportionate to the rest of the face, etc.

The duration of an orthodontic treatment is 2 years, during which time the patient goes to the orthodontist every month to check and activate the device. Oral hygiene is extremely important throughout the treatment, as the device becomes a source of food retention that can cause an imbalance in the oral flora leading to a form of gingivitis. Professional brushing and descaling are indicated once every 3 months until the completion of orthodontic treatment.

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