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In the case of dental pulp disorders, we can rely on this specialty, which, after diagnosis, offers a conservative solution to the tooth by removing the soft tissue inside it, a term well known as “nerve removal”.

The purpose of endodontic treatment is to keep the tooth on the arch even when part of its tissue is destroyed for various reasons, but which is radiographically presented as a dental element that can withstand masticatory forces, following the treatment and methods. coronary reconstruction.

The first stage of treatment is the preparation of the root canal which can be done through a manual, rotating or combined system, after which the nerve is removed and the canals are prepared for the actual canal obturation. The final step is to seal the root canals using the classic method (paste associated with gutta-percha cone) or modern (gutta-percha condensation techniques).

Advantages of endodontic treatment:

– Tooth preservation

– Resorption of the infection after treatment

– Disappearance of pain and altered condition

– Restoring the functionality and aesthetics of the causal tooth.

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