Dental Prosthetics

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This branch of dentistry plays an important role in restoring masticatory function, following the loss of one or more teeth on the arch. The prosthetic restoration aims at the functional, muscular-articular and aesthetic restoration of the oral cavity.

Depending on the particular case of each patient, he can opt for various rehabilitation methods, such as: fixed metal-ceramic works, all-ceramic works, zirconium works, dental veneers, partial or total mobile prostheses, skeletal prostheses, implant works. All these are performed by the dental technician in collaboration with the dentist.

Following tooth loss, the patient should resort to one of the methods of prosthetic rehabilitation to repair the edentulous breach and to avoid the following consequences:

– The inclination towards edentation of the teeth that delimit the edentulous gap

– Extrusion of the antagonist into the space created by the lack of the tooth

– Formation over time of a generalized occlusal imbalance

– Masticatory disorders

– Phonetic disorders

– Joint disorders

– Periodontal complications

– Aesthetic deficit.

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