Dento-Alveolar Surgery

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Following some complications or when the minimally invasive option can no longer solve the patient’s problem, surgical procedures are required to obtain an optimal end result. Following the intervention, the patient is prepared for one of the prosthetic rehabilitation options with the help of implants, prostheses or fixed works.

The following dental procedures that can be performed in our office fall within the scope of dento-alveolar surgery:

– Dental extractions

– Extractions of teeth included

– Apical resections

– Odontectomies

– Cystectomies

– Abscess drainage

– Insertion of dental implants and other necessary interventions.

The causes of the removal of a tooth element can be other than those of coronary destruction and its complication.

In many cases, the extraction is indicated at the request of the orthodontist, in order to obtain the space necessary for the alignment of the teeth. Extraction can also be performed as a result of tooth position abnormalities or number anomalies (supernumerary tooth).

The observance of the postoperative indications by the patient has an essential role in determining the final result of the treatment, in order to obtain a safe cure, without complications.

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