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Cariologie - Hexadent Servicii Stomatologice

Caries is the most common tooth condition, which can be slow or invasive. It is widespread in both children and adults.

The causative factors of the caries process play a key role in the imbalance of the oral microbiota:

– Presence of the main causative agent – Streptococcus mutans

– Poor oral hygiene

– Foods rich in sucrose

– Salivary ph

– Genetic predisposition.

The caries process once installed can no longer be reversible, so the involvement of the dentist is inevitable for the removal of the affected tissue and the coronary restoration of the tooth, with the help of a filling or other reconstruction methods.

Ignored, the tooth loses its strength by extending the caries process, so there is pain and infection of the dental pulp which inevitably leads to pulpitis and its necrosis.

Advantages of early dental caries treatment:

– Minimum tooth sacrifice

– Prevent the sensation of pain

– Preservation of the dental pulp

– Avoiding dental fracture

– Low costs.

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